Why Crash Buffers?

According to the latest RID regulations, existing wagons transporting dangerous goods must be able to absorb min. 500 kJ per wagon end, while newly built wagons must be able to absorb min. 800 kJ per wagon end.

The INNOVA Crash Buffer 400 kJ

The INNOVA crash buffer 400 kJ, developed and manufactured by INNOVA Systems & Technologies, stores in excess of 400 kJ per buffer, which translates into over 800 kJ per wagon end. Official tests have recorded an unmatched 478 kJ per buffer.
The INNOVA crash buffer 400 kJ is equally suited to equip existing wagons, as well as new ones. It fully complies with all conditions imposed by UIC 526-1 ed. 3/2008, UIC 573 ed. 7/2007 and EN15551+A1:2011.

In addition to the compulsory conditions to be met, the buffer also corresponds to:
– tests with forces F3 and F4 as per EN15551+A1:2011, pt. 5.4 and Annex B (identical with UIC 526-1, ed. 3/2008, pt. 3, and Annex D and E);
– all conditions set with regard to the buffer housing’s resistance in the area where it is fixed upon the frontal transverse of the wagon, as per UIC 526-1, ed. 3/2008, pt. 3.3 and Annex J2.

The buffer is executed in a welded construction, with a removable plate. Its standard variant includes a plate of steel type S355J2 EN10025-2:2004, 450 mm in length. Upon request, the following extras are available:
–    additional manganese steel wearing plate;
–    extra long buffer plate, 550 mm.

The INNOVA crash buffers 470 kJ are equipped with A cat. thermoplastic / polymer shock absorbers (i.e. Durel DP 30, MINER TecsPak).

The buffer deformation comprises two stages:

– elastic deformation, observed at impact speeds under 12 km/h and forces not exceeding 1.5 MN;

– elastic + plastic deformation occurring at speeds exceeding 12 km/h and forces over 1.5 MN.

click images below to see the deformation stages

Compliance and certifications:

UIC 526-1, UIC 573, EN 15551+A1:2011
2013/321/EC/ Commission Decision – Technical specification for interoperability relating to the subsystem rolling stock-freight wagons of the trans-European conventional rail System amended by 2013/1236/EU Commission Regulation (TSI).
2010/713/EC/ Commission Decision on modules for the procedures for assessment of conformity, suitability for use and EC verification to be in the technical specifications for interoperability adopted under Directive 2008/57/EC of the Parliament and of the Council.