This standard UIC category A buffer, developed and manufactured by INNOVA Systems & Technologies, provides a storage capacity of mechanical work of min. 30 kJ, in dynamic regime.

INNOVA’s A category buffer is fully compliant with all conditions set forward for A category buffers, as per UIC leaflets 526-1 ed. 3/2008, 573 ed. 7/2007, and EN15551+A1:2011.

The buffer is executed in a welded construction, with a removable plate.
Its standard variant includes a plate of steel type S355J2 EN10025-2:2004, 450 mm in length. Upon request, the following extras are available:
– additional manganese steel wearing plate;
– extra long buffer plate, 550 mm.

The INNOVA A category buffers min. 30 kJ are typically equipped with A cat. thermoplastic / polymer shock absorbers (i.e. Durel DP 30, MINER TecsPak). Upon beneficiary’s request, we can accommodate any other type of shock absorber within the buffer, providing its maximum pre-compressed length does not exceed 560 mm, and its diameter does not exceed 197 mm.

Compliance and certifications:

UIC 526-1 ed. 3/2008, UIC 573 ed. 7/2007, EN15551+A1:2011.
2013/321/EC/ Commission Decision – Technical specification for inter-operability relating to the subsystem rolling stock-freight wagons of the trans-European conventional rail System amended by 2013/1236/EU Commission Regulation (TSI).
2010/713/EC/ Commission Decision on modules for the procedures for assessment of conformity, suitability for use and EC verification to be in the technical specifications for inter-operability adopted under Directive 2008/57/EC of the Parliament and of the Council.