Thank you for having visited us at INNOTRANS 2010 in Berlin – the world’s largest trade fair focused on rail transport!

INNOVA and AZOMA (our partner in manufacturing and sales) exhibited a full range of innovative products and concepts:

– crash buffers and crash systems;
– intelligent buffers with characteristics adaptable to the traffic conditions;
– standard buffers;
– buffers for chassis ends.

InnoTrans 2010 marked the launch of some of the most innovative railway products that the industry witnessed in the past years. INNOVA has been setting extremely high standards on the global market of buffers for railway vehicles, particularly with the launch of:

– the intelliBuffer™ range, which includes buffers able to adapt their characteristics to the traffic conditions;
– record capacity buffers of 1 and 2 MJ (the biggest buffer built to date), with applications for all railway wagons, chassis and rail ends.