The anti-climbing device is directly mounted onto the body of crash buffer.

During normal wagon functioning, the anti-climbing device takes a position that does not intrude into the spaces required for the wagon coupling operations and does not impede the visualization of the traction apparatus and buffers, during revisions and inspections.

The active element of the anti-climbing device occupies a working position only when the buffer enters its plastic deformation stage.

Upon request, the anti-climbing device can be customized so that the active element occupies a working position before plastic deformation is triggered, when the buffer supports a force of a pre-established level.


force, applied vertically: min. 150 kN;

– difference in height between the longitudinal axes of the buffers at which the anti-climbing remains fully operational and efficient: max. 100mm;

mass: max. 20 kg;

– the device can be mounted onto the wagon in full compliance with TSI requirements;

– the device can be mounted onto any wagon, without alterations to the platform where the handbrake is located.