INNOVA Systems & Technologies* is a private start-up company that specializes in railway technologies development.

Our goal is to provide railway administrations and wagons owners with the most efficient technologies, and enable them to make the most of their wagons parks and rails.

Our current line of buffers is truly the best on the market, in terms of both performances and prices. We have developed, for the European market, the following types of buffers:

UIC A Category Buffer (min. 30 kJ);

UIC Crash Buffer (min. 400 kJ);

Anti-climbing Device with uniquely efficient characteristics;

– and a premiere on the market, an Aplus Category Buffer which takes the standard A Category buffer to the next level, through a crash elements that ensures min. 150 kJ energy absorption.

To find out more about INNOVA and how we can help you, we suggest you refer to the Projects & Products section, and contact us.

* INNOVA (IST) is registered as INNOVA Sisteme si Tehnologii srl in Arad, Romania.